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What we do

SCUDO offers customized, innovative, automated and integrated mixing solutions for the dough production process. We combine the most advanced techniques and technology with process and product knowledge. Our passion and machine building experience results in leading technology changing the global industrial bakery and pastry market.



SCUDO helps you find custom made fit-for-purpose solutions that will help you overcome your challenges. We look beyond your dough mixer and seek to understand your process to propose you the right solution for your needs.

We guide you throughout the process:

  • SCUDO analyses your needs thoroughly and suggests a custom designed solution
  • Elaborate testing is possible at our R&D centre in Belgium
  • Our machines and installations are manufactured and assembled in our production centre in Italy
  • We fit and integrate a fully automated system to your needs
  • Our engineers install and commission your new dough mixing solution at your plant
  • The after-sales team follows up, together with you, to provide the service that is required to have the installation running efficiently to your needs

We are here to listen to your needs and will design fit to purpose dough mixing solutions together with your teams

SCUDO expertise

  • Dough mixing
  • Ingredients handling
  • Innovation in machine building
  • Fully integrated automation
  • Hygienic and safe design
  • Bakery process
  • Industrial and artisanal baking techniques
  • Baked products

The result of our collaboration

  • Increase digital automation technologies
  • Reduce production costs and waste
  • Master the production complexity in an efficient way
  • Allow more flexibility
  • More and/or more efficient production output
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