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Solutions for Production of Dough with Resting Phase

Duplicating artisanal quality in industrial scale products with dough resting systems

SCUDO solutions manage one or more resting phases of the dough at any time of the production process: during the pre-kneading phase (autolysis, biga, poolish, mother yeast) between two or more kneading phases, or after-kneading to feed the line.

The most articulated process can be managed through the motion of resting bowls of various sizes and capacity. Depending on customer requirements and thanks to automation and robotic solutions, storage is handled at ground level and with multi-level systems.

Are you looking for a solution to manage the fermentation of the dough? Discover SCUDO automated resting dough solutions perfectly integrable in dough production process. Request a presentation of our customizable solutions. Fill out the form and book your session!


  • Solution of criticalities of related areas
  • Streamlining of production complexity management
  • Reduction of machine down-time
  • Scalability of the solution
  • Adaptability to any production layout
  • Optimizing of production time
  • Automated integration of processes
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

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