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Industrial dough mixing solutions

SCUDO’s solutions can manage one or more resting phases of the dough at any time during the production process. During the pre-kneading phase (autolysis, biga, poolish, mother yeast) between two or more kneading phases, or after-kneading to feed the line. Complex processes can be managed by using automated bowl handling systems bringing bowls of different sizes to and from mixers, resting areas and line feeding systems. Vertical stacking solutions can be suggested for plants with limited space available.

SCUDO listens to your needs and works out a flexible, high performing solution for your plant.

Here is an example of a total dough mixing solution feeding dough to a rustic bread line.

Three bottom discharge single spiral mixers mix and kneed the dough 24/7/365.
Custom designed resting bins catch the kneeded dough.
Automated Ground Vehicles (AGV) move the bins with dough to resting positions, allowing the dough to rest.

The fully automated system instructs the AGV’s (based on the loaded recipe) to bring the dough to the lifter/tilter when resting is done, and bring the dough on the line.

More than 600.000 breads are produced per hour.

AGV’s allow maximum flexibility in the production area to perform maintenance and do the necessary cleaning, the self guided vehicles sense and avoid personal moving and working around in the production zone.
Production personel can focus on more important issues than moving bowls of dough around the plant.

The central automating system communicates with the rest of the production line. Overproofed dough is sent to a rework station in case any delays or unexpected shut downs occure elsewhere on the production line.

Production can continue at 66% during maintenance works at one of the 3 mixers.
The AGV’s run 24/7/365 without recharging.
They are powered by an inductive cable in the floor.


  • Flexibility in plant layout
  • More hygienic production area
  • More efficient deployment of personel
  • More production hours

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