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High speed pre-dough mixing

Continuous mixing solutions generate a continuous stream of mixed product and it's ideal to produce a massive and consistent product all day, every day. This process overcame some negative aspects associated with batch cycles.

SCUDO solutions combine machines for continuous kneading with Idromix, the patented pre-mixing device, for a perfect hydration of the dough. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the continuous kneading machine is optimized using customizable mixing elements and kneading levels. For our customers’ most demanding tasks, SCUDO solutions include conditioning devices of the dough temperature, or of the ingredients, with CO2 cooling systems or glycol.


  • Improved hydration of the dough
  • System reactivity to changing or correcting the recipe
  • Full and native integration between the dosing and kneading phase
  • Integration with ERP and traceability of raw materials consumption
  • Perfect distribution of the micro ingredients
  • Control of the energy transferred from the dough and the temperature of the finished dough
  • Eliminates variables due to batch process
  • High production rates with one mixer

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