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One hundred years of experience lead to innovation: SCUDO is born

Sigma and Spiromatic announce SCUDO, a joint venture with over one hundred years of expertise, created to offer innovative dough-mixing solutions for the bakery and pastry industrial markets.

July 2020 – The Italian company Sigma, a leading manufacturer of kneading machines and planetary mixers, and the Belgian Spiromatic, an international reference in pre food processing, announce the birth of SCUDO, a joint venture created to become a worldwide reference in automated and customized dough mixing solutions for industrial production.

The name SCUDO stands for Specialized and CUstomized DOugh Mixing Solutions. SCUDO supports its customers facing the challenges of the market by taking care of the production peculiarities of each context.

The implementation of new technologies, the reduction of costs and waste of the production process and the control and management of increasingly complex production systems are just some of these challenges. SCUDO faces them with automated flexible solutions for full integration of ingredients handling and dough-mixing process. Hygienic design and the monitoring of unique predictive parameters are defining features of SCUDO.

The industrial bakery and pastry market is made up of very different realities. - says Stefano Salvadori President of SCUDO - This is the reason why we offer customized solutions starting from the specific needs of our customers. This approach allows us to design unique dough-mixing solutions, by making use of the best innovative and cutting-edge technologies. In short we manage the whole project: from manufacturing and assembling, to the integration of automated solutions and installation, and up to after-sales services.

SCUDO puts together the 100 years of experience of the founding companies. It adds a strong focus on the automation of the production process and a decisive orientation towards innovation. SCUDO is committed to becoming a point of reference in the international market of industrial solutions for the mixing of products such as bread, pizza, tortilla, pastry, biscuits, waffles and cakes.

Automation is essential in our mixing solutions. – says Dirk Dhont Director of SCUDO – Global competition has led many companies to diversify their offer, therefore increasing the complexity of the production systems. SCUDO solutions aim to manage the complexity of the production process, improving customers' flexibility and making them more reactive to market stress.

SCUDO entrusts the continuous research of the most forward solutions to its R&D department. A qualified team of technicians and specialized engineers designs smart solutions capable of reducing production process management costs.

SCUDO solutions integrate and automatize all dough production process phases. This allows constant monitoring of performance parameters to optimize production flow in real time. - comments Andrea Gnocchi, R&D Manager of SCUDO. - Through the planning of the predictive maintenance activity we reduce machine downtime, increase production efficiency, and achieve better safety standards.``

SCUDO offers 24h/7d active support during the entire life cycle of the installed solution. The customer can count on SCUDO for any kind of support: mechanics, electronics and automation.

The joint venture counts on the competence and experience of the Sigma and Spiromatic staff and has started hiring new staff.

The new company has its legal and manufacturing headquarters in Italy and R&D center in Belgium.

Years of tested collaboration between Sigma and Spiromatic are the basis of SCUDO. Nevertheless, both companies will be carrying on their own traditional activity.

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