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Spiral Mixers with Bottom Discharge

These are problem-solvers for handling and layout constraints in the production process.

Spiral Mixers with Bottom Discharge allow the unloading of the dough directly to a conveyor belt or into movable bowls.
They are very versatile and ideal to produce any dough.


  • a powerful motor sized to handle the requirements of the hardest kneading;
  • an independent motor to handle the bowl’s rotation;
  • adjustable bowl rotation and inversion speed;
  • external control panel with PLC system;
  • touch-screen panel to save recipes.

In the event of high output production, two or more kneading machines can be configured as a multiple system to feed directly one or more production lines or to integrate a process for the resting phase of the dough inside the bowl.



In Spiral Mixers with Bottom Discharge, the spiral’s motion is secured by a double-transmission belt drive and a powerful motor providing any torque output under the most demanding situations. One or two motors secure the rotation of the bowl and an inverter adjusts its speed and inversion.

A hydraulic food-grade system opens and closes the plug at the bottom of the bowl and the head of the machine.

The control panel featuring warning lights and emergency button is located on an external podium, and is managed by a PLC.
A touch-screen panel allows to memorize recipes and to activate/deactivate the tool during the bottom discharge phase of the dough.

The electric equipment is located within the external podium, so is insulated from the machine and fully waterproof. Above all, it keeps the operator safe and facilitates inspections and maintenance.

Spiral Mixers with Bottom Discharge are very versatile. They can be used in different dough-mixing solutions. For example in solutions for the production of dough-mixing with resting phase.

Model Weight (Kg) kw A B C D E F G H H1 H2 Volume (L) Flour (Kg) Water (L)
160 1300 9/11 990 1710 1890 2280 1210 1290 261 575 390 230 230 100 60
200 1330 9/11 1050 1770 1890 2280 1210 1290 261 575 390 230 290 125 75
250 1350 14/18 1195 1900 1890 2280 1210 1290 261 575 390 230 400 150 80
300 1370 14/18 1195 1900 1890 2280 1210 1290 261 575 390 230 400 190 100

The following features are available upon request:

  • model entirely made in stainless steel;
  • special tools;
  • scraper;
  • thermal probe to monitor dough temperature;
  • lid customization for the insertion of ingredients;
  • automatic lubing system of the mechanical components.

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