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Single Spiral Mixer with Removable Bowl

The Single Spiral Kneading Machines feature removable bowls and gear-driven bowl’s rotation

These high-performance Single Spiral Mixer with Removable Bowl is ideal for fatty and oily doughs such as bread and pizza.
They feature

  • powerful wide-size motor;
  • double-transmission belt drive;
  • adjustable rotation speed of the bowl;
  • bowl traction performed by gear mechanism;
  • docking of the bowl by electromagnets;
  • crush prevention system;
  • memorization of recipes, time, and operating speed;
  • bowl, spiral and column made with AISI 304 stainless steel.



Single spiral mixer with removable bowl kneading tool is powered by a double transmission belt drive and by a wide-size motor.
The bowl’s traction features a plastic gear which interacts with a crown gear set underneath the bowl. The silent rotation of the bowl is warranted even when working on fatty and oily matter. An inverter manages the motor to adjust the bowl’s rotation and inversion speed.
The bowl’s trolley is firmly locked by an electromagnetic system during the kneading phases. A hydraulic system manages the opening and closing of the head of spiral mixer for removable bowl extraction.

With the touch screen panel, you can:

  • save recipes to memory;
  • record operating time and speed;
  • perform automatic integration with the ingredient feeding system.

Single Spiral Mixer with Removable Bowl can be used in different mixing-dough solutions. For example in solutions for Straight Dough Production.

Model A B C D E F G H L Weight kg kW Bowl capacity liter Voltage
160 2250 1895 1485 1890 1210 1200 500 350-500 800 1000 9/11 230 400/3/50
200 2250 1895 1485 1890 1210 1200 500 350-500 800 1030 9/11 290 400/3/50
250 2250 2000 1485 1950 1210 1200 500 350-500 800 1060 14/18 370 400/3/50
300 2250 2000 1485 1950 1210 1200 500 350-500 800 1080 14/18 400 400/3/50

The following customizations are available upon request:

  • thermal probe to monitor dough temperature;
  • product-emptying trolley bowls;
  • hollow-walled bowls to keep in check the dough temperature;
  • adjustment of the tools rotating speed of the tools for the selection of recipes by inverter;
  • probe to gauge the temperature inside the bowl;
  • model entirely made in stainless steel;
  • lid customization for the insertion of ingredients;
  • automatic lubing system of the mechanical components.

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