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Planetary Mixer

Ideal for any soft dough such as bread, cookies, creams, and sponge cakes.

Planetary Mixer is built using a heavy-gauge steel and featuring power to spare, these machines feature a sturdy built, and reliability. The planetary movement operates with oil-free components.

The Scudo planetary mixing machines feature:

  • kneading group including twin fine wire whisks and a scraper;
  • easy and fast tool switching;
  • planetary movement of the gear ratio between tools and scraper of 1:4;
  • AISI 304 stainless steel bell;
  • customized lid for ingredient feeding;
  • inverter to adjust kneading speed;
  • touch-screen PLC to save multiple-phase recipes to memory.

The mixing group of the planetary mixer is made up of three tools: a pair of fine-wire whisks and a scraper. The tools are easily interchangeable and inserted through a bayonet connection in an ASI 304 stainless steel bell.

A food-grade seal at the base of the bell allows pressurizing the bowl thanks to a pneumatic setup. During the working phase, an operating pressure of 0.8 bars allows a natural amalgam of air particles within the dough and a remarkable rise of the product with a reduced usage of yeasts. Upon request, the system can also operate in depression.

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The following are available for planetary mixer upon request:

  • special tools;
  • scraper;
  • thick wire whisks;
  • 2 or 4-sided blades;
  • spirals for kneading;
  • end-of-cycle automatic washing system;
  • touch screen PLC with software for automatic feeding of the ingredients.

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