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Perfect integration of powders and liquids during the pre-mixing phase.

With Idromix, instant and continuous pre-mixing system, the union of powders and liquids happens at the particle level, guaranteeing a perfect integration between ingredients.
With Idromix it is possible:

  • to set up the hydration level and the final temperature of the blended mass;
  • to get a homogenous blend;
  • to guarantee a product that can be duplicated with constant quality and structure;
  • to blend a high number of ingredients;
  • to decrease the time of the ensuing kneading phase.

Furthermore Idromix pre-mixing system:

  • allows an increase in hydration thanks to a better distribution of the water particles;
  • eliminates the problem of the dispersion of powders allowing for a healthier and cleaner work environment;
  • guarantees energy savings thanks to the decrease in work time;
  • it is an easy cleaning and maintenance system.

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The pre-mixing system Idromix is made up of a blending chamber. A rotating turbine with blades generates a sucking flow where the powder ingredients converge. Water or other liquids injected through nebulizing nozzles wash the flow. The pressurized jet can hydrate the powder particles efficiently and quickly.

The perfect union of powder and liquid ingredients, following the premixing phase of the Idromix system, allows you to:

  • decrease the oxidation of the gluten mesh and its orientation;
  • improve the workability of the dough;
  • further refine and smooth air pockets in the dough;
  • make the raising process more reactive and homogeneous thanks to a better dispersion of the yeast.
  • Hourly production: 4500 Kg/h of preblended dough
  • Utilization time: 24h
  • Traceability of the ingredients
  • Hydration: TA 120 – TA 200
  • Designing rules: Hygienic design
  • Material: stainless steel AISI 304

Idromix can be configured to the customer’s specific requirements by integrating the number of powder and liquid components included in the recipes.

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