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Horizontal Mixer

Sturdy, powerful and reliable for hard doughs

The Horizontal Mixers are ideal for industrial output of hard-dough products, including bread, crackers, breadsticks, and snacks.

The Scudo horizontal mixer is equipped with an exclusive Z-shaped mixer arm designed for maximum performance.

The particular shape and rotation speed of the horizontal mixer tool, creates a centrifugal vortex motion which projects the materials in a three-dimensional way to merge with each other. As a result ingredients with different particle size and density are perfectly blended and mixed with high precision.


The Scudo horizontal mixer is fully made from high-gauge steel and characterized by:

  • high power motor;
  • oil-pressure system allowing bowl tilting up to 105-degree angle for emptying process;
  • AISI 304 stainless steel bowl;
  • hygienic design for easy cleaning;
  • electrical dashboard, including a touch screen control panel, buttons panel, gauge lights, and a PLC for recipe set-up and their data saving.

They can be used in different solutions. For example in Solutions for Straight Dough Production.

Model A B C D E kW Machine kg Mixer kg Bowl capacity liter
300 2210 1856 1200 700 1950 14,7/22 3.530 180 300
550 2375 2163 1500 822 2300 22/33 5.320 330 550
800 2700 2409 1600 789 2463 33/45 6.500 550 800
1100 3065 2506 1700 772 2500 44/62 7.800 650 1100

The Horizontal Mixer can be fitted with:

  • thermal probe to monitor dough temperature;
  • wheeled bowls;
  • jacketed bowl to guarantee a uniform temperature of the dough;
  • automatic lubing system of the mechanical components;
  • inverter to select the rotating speed of the tool;
  • probe to gauge the temperature inside the bowl;
  • model entirely made in stainless steel.

Integrable system:

  • resting dough system
  • automatic ingredient feeding system

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