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Double Spiral Mixer with Removable Bowl

Double spiral mixer for high output productions requiring top performance and great professionality.

Double Spiral Mixer with Removable Bowl is ideal for bread dough. It works all leavened doughs and any dough for bakery products with humidity exceeding 45%

They can achieve:

  • from 8 to 10 kneading cycles per hour;
  • excellent refining and oxygenation of the dough with increased volume of the resulting dough;
  • reduced kneading time.

They feature:

  • power to spare when performing hard kneads;
  • double-transmission belt driven tools;
  • gear-driven bowl’s rotation;
  • docking of the bowl’s trolley by electromagnets;
  • sturdy structure with high-gauge carpentry;
  • high-reliability mechanical system.



The Double Spiral Mixers with Removable Bowls are available with various motor solutions from 25kw to 50kw. As a result, they provide power and torques required to meet tough demands. The bowl is driven by a gear motor-adapter in oil bath. Rotation is performed by induction tempered-steel gears and by an independent motor allowing reversal. The high reliability of the mechanical system is warranted by a device providing amortization of stress caused during the start-up phase and hard dough kneading conditions.

The bowl is locked in working position by powerful electromagnets. The bowl’s cover is made of stainless steel with a polyethene band equipped with an internal edge. As a result, a good seal and avoid flour spills. The opening, closing, and locking of the head are managed through a hydraulic switchboard.

A laser scanner provides the operator’s safety.

Electric equipment is located inside a side box insulated from the machine and completely waterproof. So it can be inspected easily. The control panel is fitted on top of the box. It features a touch screen for manual and automatic management of the kneading process and memorization of the recipes.

Double Spiral Mixer with Removable Bowl can be used in different mixing-dough solutions. For example in solutions for Straight Dough Production.

Model A B C D E F Weight kg kW Bowl capacity liter
250 2210 1425 1900 1550 2300 1040 2350 24/29 450
330 2210 1425 1900 1550 2300 1090 2380 24/29 510
400 2400 1535 2200 1550 2600 1040 2650 26/37 650
500 2400 1535 2200 1550 2600 1090 2700 26/37 720

Double Spiral Mixer with Removable Bowl features are available on-demand:

  • adjustment of the rotating speed of the tools for the selection of recipes by inverter;
  • thermal probe to monitor dough temperature inside the bowl;
  • model entirely made in stainless steel;
  • lid customization for the insertion of ingredients;
  • product-emptying trolley bowls;
  • hollow-walled bowls to keep in check the dough temperature;
  • Automatic lubing system of the mechanical components.

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