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Single and Double Tipper

The Bowl-tipping device allows the tipping of removable trolley-bowls to transfer the dough.

Single or Double Tipper is ideal when transferring dough that requires resting time or different mixing phases. It fits any bowl typology so that even the oldest bowls can be used for the resting phases.

The low discharge point facilitates production on different structural levels.

The device is made of a structure in electro-welded steel sheet resting on a stainless plate securing its stability. The tipping kinematic is operated by a hydraulic system. A protection cage and optical systems defining the area of potential danger guarantee the safety of the operator of the lifting device.

The single or double tipping device can be integrated with a washing system for different shapes and materials bowls. The hydraulic system tips the bowl near the washing unit composed by one or more washing spheres and a centrifugal pump (2.5 m range). Washing is possible by water or CIP cycle.

Single or Double Tipper is often used in the Solutions for Production of Dough with Resting Phase.

Model A B C D Weight kg kw
SINGLE 2200 3100 1200 1800 600 1,5
DOUBLE 2200 3100 1400 1800 750 1,5

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