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Bowl lifter

The lifting device allows lifting and emptying the contents of the high capacity bowls.

Bowl lifter device is ideal when the dough in the bowl must be unloaded on lamination lines or in volumetric dividers.
It lifts and unloads up to one ton at customizable heights consequently to the following:

  • lifting system with triple chain hydraulic cylinder;
  • balanced double piston unloading system;
  • bowl-tipping system up to 50 degrees;
  • stainless steel fastening legs;
  • hydraulic control device for around the clock use.

A protection cage and optical systems defining the area of potential danger guarantee the safety of the operator of the lifting device.

Often used to lift bowls on wheels of spiral mixers with removable bowl.


bowl lifter_design
bowl lifter_design
bowl lifter_design
bowl lifter_design
MODEL A B C D E Weight kg kW
3200 3335 2310 3440 3201 5125 2450 4

The following customizations are available upon request:

  • safety protection cage;
  • special tensions;
  • customized dimensions;
  • scrapers with bowl rotation;
  • different bowls adjustment;
  • teflon chute.

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