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Feeding Hopper with Guillotine System

They automatically feed the breaking devices or the rolling lines with dough chunks with no altering of condition and temperature of the dough.

Feeding Hopper with Guillotine System is ideal for soft dough.
The system guarantees a production up to 3000 kg/h and includes the following:

  • dough-holding hopper;
  • cutting group with pneumatically controlled piston;
  • food-grade cutting blade;
  • level sensor to monitor the quantity of dough in the overhanging hopper and in the breaking device.

Thanks to a PLC it is possible to integrate the system with other machinery like a bowl lifter system or a conveyor belt.

The safety of the operators is warranted by a system of laser barriers blocking the machine if accessing the danger area.


Feeding Hopper with Guillotine System includes the following:

  • customizable height and capacity of the hopper
  • process control and management via PLC
  • motor power 1,5 kw
  • 2 laser level sensors for hopper and guillotine system
  • polyethene for food and stainless steel
  • hygienic design
  • laser system for the safety of operators with blocking the machine in case of access to the danger area

For Feeding Hopper with Guillotine System, the following are available upon request:

  • loading height;
  • hopper capacity;
  • teflon coating of the hopper;
  • lube system of the triangular lobes;
  • oil nebulization system in the hopper;
  • transfer with multiple unloading positions;
  • oil nebulization system for sticky doughs.

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