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Double-Screw Feeding System

This system subdivides already formed doughs or rejected scraps coming from the production line into chunks of dough in preset shape, size, and measure to feed kneading machines or production lines.

Double Screw Feeding System is ideal for hard dough such as sugar paste, flaky pastry, crackers, and cookies.

A minimal and constant pressure pushes the dough through a drawplate which shapes it while the cutting interval determines the length of the extruded shape. This way it is possible to produce dough in different shapes, measures, and weights.

The double-screw feeding system is made up by the following components:

  • a hopper connected to an AISI 304 stainless steel bowl for releasing the dough;
  • two extrusion screw-conveyors with guillotine system;
  • an oversized motor powering the extrusion screw-conveyors in the event of heavy-duty situations;
  • guillotine cutting system with pneumatic piston and AISI 304 stainless steel blade;
  • secured loading area to prevent insertion of foreign bodies.

The machinery has been engineered for ease of any inspections, maintenance, or cleaning.

In addition to feeding rolling lines, it is used in solutions for managing dough production scraps.

Double Screw Feeding System_scudo
Double Screw Feeding System_SCUDO
A B C D Weight kg kw
1575 925 1853 904 850 3

The system can be combined with elevator belts or transfer belts to move the extruded blocks on the production lines, or with automatic kneading systems for its direct feeding.

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